Some people are surprised when they hear that creativity is an important piece of the wellness puzzle. It is part of Intellectual Wellness, and it comes with a whole host of benefits. When we were kids, creativity came naturally and was a part of the every day. We created make-believe worlds and games, we finger painted and made block towers, and we could entertain ourselves for hours with just our imagination. As adults, we just don’t use our creativity as often. But if we make a point to include it as a healthy habit, not only is it fun, but it comes with rewards!

 Using the creative side of our brains helps to improve cognitive health, and studies have shown that it can help prevent Alzheimer’s.
 Getting immersed in a creative endeavor relieves stress and lower its impact on our health.
 Being creative heightens our sense of well-being and improves our mood.
 It also raises our self-esteem.
 Studies have shown that creative pursuits can help us heal from emotional trauma.

Creativity can make us feel like a kid again, but it’s not just for kids! Here are some ways you can incorporate creativity into your wellness routine:

1. Dust off that musical instrument you used to play.
2. Give creative writing a try. You can journal or try writing poetry or fiction.
3. Have you seen those adult coloring books? They’re really fun!
4. Take an art or a photography class.
Do you already have a creative hobby? Leave us a note in the comments!