Motivational Interviewing. What Is It? Why Should You Be Trained?

Category 1 CME as recognized by Maine Medical Association.

Training Designed To Help People…
Who Are Helping People.

Who could benefit from Motivational Interviewing training?

  • Health Care Professionals
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers
  • Anyone Offering Direct Client Support
  • People Who Continuously Educate But Are Not Seeing Behavior Change

Why is Motivational Interviewing crucial in behavior change?

OMC has integrated the practice of Motivational Interviewing into our company culture, WellnessWorks™ programs, and training. Motivational Interviewing evokes intrinsic motivation that empowers individuals to make positive behavior changes. Traditional healthcare interventions have the tendency to fall short when healthcare professionals simply tell the individual what needs to happen instead of engaging in a collaborative effort. Motivational Interviewing not only saves time and energy – it allows people to get back to the root cause of what healthcare is all about – helping people.

MI Training Classes/Modules

Training Class Description Audience Duration Webinar Available
Intro into Motivational Interviewing This training  provides a basic overview of the theories and concepts that set MI apart Novice 1 Hour No
Reflections The Skillful Art of Listening This training  is an introduction to reflective listening Novice 2 Hours Yes
Taking Listening to a Deeper Level This training is a reflective listening training which digs deeper into amplified reflections. These are crucial in the guiding process Experienced 2 Hours Yes
Recognizing and Responding to Resistance This training digs deeper into identifying and dealing with resistance from clients Novice


2 Hours No
Enhancing Importance and Confidence This training focuses on enhancing two of the building blocks of motivation, the “Should I?” and “Can I?” Novice


2 Hours No
Recognizing and responding to change talk This training dissects client speech into change talk and sustain talk. Trainees will learn to focus and respond to change talk as part of the guiding process Novice


1-2 Hours Yes
Ambivalence: From Listening to Hearing  This training helps enhance the practitioners skills in indentifying ambivalence  Novice


 1 Hour  No
Transition to Planning and Goal Setting  This training is designed to help the practitioner set great goals and targets  Novice


 1 Hour Yes
Hard Goals  This training is designed to help enhance the goal setting process by focusing on creating meaningful goals  Novice


 1 Hour No
Stress as a Health Risk  This training is designed to help the practitioner work with clients on setting goals around stress management  Novice


 1 Hour  No

Contact Us if you or your group is interested in Motivational Interviewing Training

OMC is very flexible in offering Motivational Interviewing Training Classes for your group or individual. We offer courses that will accommodate your busy schedule and can either come to you, or at our rural Maine location, or even virtually using videoconferencing if desired. Contact us through our Contact Form, or directly to our MI Training Coordinator, Chris Guild.

Chris Guild
Chris GuildWellness Works Supervisor/MI Training Manager
Phone: 800.575.6537 x3224