National statistics show that nearly 65% of all wellness programs that are launched are launched without expectations of measurable outcomes, more alarming, those that oversee wellness in the workplace are unable to measure outcomes of their efforts. At OMC we believe outcomes are critical, it means measurable behavior change and measurable spending reductions among participant groups.

Contact OMC today to learn how to track, trend, report and effect at-risk health behavior change. At OMC we get at the core of skyrocketing healthcare costs and understand that wellness is serious business.

Company Testimonials

Central Maine Medical Center

Thank you for this information. As you likely can tell we are thrilled with the use of the OMC software and look forward to continued expansion of our contracts and use of this tool.
Director Community Health, Wellness & Cardiopulmonary Rehab, Central Maine Medical Center

Worthen Industries

“I’ve just completed a week of Quarterly Worthen meetings with our folks sharing where we’ve been during the past Quarter, where we are & where we’re going.

Excellence is very important at Worthen, and to that end I share with you that during the past week many of our people singled you out for praise for your wonderful Wellness initiatives, leadership & follow-through!

To achieve true Wellness folks adopt daily commitment/habit to best “tune” their minds, Souls & bodies. From what I’ve heard from our people, you have not only a wonderful passion, but also a superb personality & talent for helping and encouraging others to that end.

And so, this email is to thank you for sharing your talents & your enthusiasm for Wellness with our people!

PS: Your November Wellness newsletter recipe for Mashed Maple Squash was delicious!”

Dave Emery, Board Member, Worthen Industries
Norway Savings Bank Logo

Norway Savings Bank

“In my time here at Norway Savings Bank, we have done many initiatives that have had a positive impact on our employees but I feel none have had the impact and sustainability that OMC’s Wellness Works Program has had on employees. It has been a win/win for everyone. The OMC Health Coach has become part of our culture at NSB. She always challenges me to decide what I can do and how that will fit into my lifestyle. In less than 2 years, I have gone from High Risk to Low Risk!”
Holly Young, EVP CIO, Norway Savings Bank
Kennebunk Savings Bank Logo

Kennebunk Savings Bank

“My employer, Kennebunk Savings Bank, offered an employee benefit, a Wellness program. I must admit, I was skeptical that it would help me. I had a health coach assigned to me and I began working with my health coach. Today I weigh 50 pounds less! Whatever challenge you are facing, OMC Health Coaches help you to break it down into small steps and hold you accountable for your goals. It works!”
Mary, Assistant Branch Manager, Kennebunk Savings Bank


“The OMC wellness program has raised awareness, improved morale and improved the health of our workforce. The impact of the program… has provided the information and leverage needed for us to negotiate rates with our group health insurance. We look at the OMC wellness program at Duratherm as ‘preventive maintenance’ for our most valued resource – our people!”
Tim Downing, President and CEO, Duratherm
Maine General Health Logo

Maine General

“OMC’s WellnessWorks Tracking software has helped us to better quantify population health risks, measure improvement over time, and demonstrate positive returns on our wellness program. The software along with a personal, face-to-face approach is the key to success. We are very pleased that your software has enhanced our program so well.”
Director of Workplace Health, Maine General

Employee Testimonials

Worthen Industries

“It wasn’t until I met with the OMC Health Coach that I realized my blood pressure was very high – it was a big wake up call for me. With help from my Health Coach I set some exercise goals and now 6 months later I feel 10 years younger, my blood pressure is down by 20 points and I have lost over 15 pounds! I feel confident that I will be around to watch my grandkids grow up!”
Joe Thompson, Worthen Industries

Community Concepts

“I joined the Wellness Program for encouragement to lead a healthier lifestyle and establish healthy habits to share with my daughter. The biggest light bulb moment was realizing that small changes can create results. I have learned that if I can only fit 10-15 minutes of exercise into my day it is better than not exercising at all! I am by no means perfect and slip up now and then but with the help of my new mindset I have quit smoking and lost 57 lbs. Our health coach has done a lot to empower employees within our agency to make small changes and see results.”
Titan America Logo

Titan America

“I never realized how unhealthy I was – the wellness program has helped me put in perspective the importance of my total health. I quit drinking, changed the way I view food, and started to exercise. I feel 100% better and have more energy to get me through the day. When I am out on the road working, I am more attentive, alert and my seat belt seems to fit now too!”

OMC Provides Results

OMC knows how to make your company’s health and productivity trend upward and we have the results to back up our wellness approach.

Client Risk Experience/Change In Cost Risk Scores

Client 3 Year Profile Progression

Cost Risk Analysis

In our years of worksite wellness experience, we have discovered that effective wellness programs are those that are measurable, build a supportive wellness culture and influence individual behavior change. OMC helps build your culture to support and sustain the radical changes our coaches are able to achieve through our lifestyle behavior interventions.

Six Years of Spending Decreases

Medical Spend Reduction

Difference in Disease Prevalence

It is typical for us to reduce high risk participants by 24% in the first year of implementing the Platinum Program. We achieve and sustain participation levels as high as 85+%. Low risk participant numbers have risen to 70+% of the participating population and we are able to sustain these numbers over the years. Participant spend is significantly impacted as well with one of our longest standing clients noting that in 2012, the 68% of the eligible population participating in the wellness program spent only 42% of the health care dollars while the 32% not in the program spent 58% of the health care dollars. This same company has seen per employee costs as a percentage of total costs decrease by approximately 1 ½ % per year over the life of the program.