OMC was founded in 1996. Physician led, OMC designs and delivers leading-edge health and wellness programs nationwide to companies of various sizes and industry types. Uniquely providing robust wellness program administration, health coaching, and comprehensive wellness software, OMC customizable programs and advanced wellness solutions leverage our fundamental philosophy that wellness is about changing lives one individual person at a time to create a healthy, energetic, and focused workforce.

The pineapple has long been the universal symbol of hospitality, health and prosperity. OMC welcomes you to partner to enhance the health of your organization and improve the quality of life for your employees. Contact OMC today to learn how to reduce spend and change lives.
As a forward-thinking leader in organizational health and wellness, Occupational Medical Consulting, LLC strives to ensure the well-being of employees, customers and communities served. Through commitment to integrity, authenticity and innovation, and mindful use of technology, OMC’s health and wellness personalized solutions evoke participants to change at-risk health behavior- one individual at a time.
Occupational Medical Consulting, LLC is the innovative leader in delivering cutting-edge organizational health and wellness services that change at-risk health behavior, reduce healthcare spending and save lives-worldwide.

Occupational Medical Consulting, LLC values commitment to integrity, authenticity and innovation; inspiring employees and their families to lead healthy lifestyles and to be well-informed, responsible and proactive.

  • OMC’s partnerships are based on mutual respect, honesty and trust.
  • OMC values forward-thinking.
  • OMC commits to being an innovative leader in health and wellness.
  • OMC encourages life balance for employees and for its clients-companies.
  • OMC values prosperity to further advance quality of life.

OMC’s Staff

Dr. Larry Catlett, MD
Dr. Larry Catlett, MD CMO
Vicky Catlett
Vicky CatlettCOO


Dwight Payne
Dwight PayneSoftware Director
Chris Guild
Chris GuildWellness Works Supervisor/MI Training Manager
Aaron Swift
Aaron SwiftWellness Works Supervisor

Administration/Occupational Health

Holly Catlett
Holly CatlettAccounting Specialist/Human Resources
Meghan Wells
Meghan WellsAccount Manager for Occupational Health
Kim Hamblin
Kim HamblinAssistant Account Manager for Occupational Health