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The 80/20 Rule

By | September 30th, 2016|Health Coach Blog|

Let’s face it, it’s not realistic to eat healthy and avoid all vices 100% of the time. We crave flexibility, indulgence, and fun once in a while…and that should be o.k.! Based on this truth, the "80/20 Rule" is my favorite way of eating. It’s not a diet. Instead, it’s a way of life that allows for a little give-and-take and discourages deprivation. Here’s how it works: make healthy food choices 80% of the time [...]

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Maintaining Human Connection When Technology Rules the World

By | September 2nd, 2016|Health Coach Blog|

It’s hard to go anywhere today without seeing people peering at electronic devices. While we sit at coffee shops, walk down the street, gather with friends and, perhaps most disturbing, while we’re driving, we are often preoccupied by the small, rectangular screens in our hands. If extraterrestrials came to earth and witnessed this phenomenon, they would probably assume we need these devices to live – an external organ we depend on for our survival. And [...]

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