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Weekly Challenge: Stick to Serving Sizes

By | October 27th, 2014|Weekly Challenges|

This week, avoid over indulging on your favorite snack foods and Halloween candy. Check what the serving size is for the foods you are eating and stick with that amount. With package food, it may seem that the contents would be one serving but sometimes they are 2 to 3 servings per package. Be aware of how many servings are in a package! A helpful way to stay away from Halloween treats is by not [...]

Vote for Dr. Catlett as one of WELCOA’s Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals

By | October 23rd, 2014|OMC News|

The best health promotion professionals are often not recognized for their constant tenacity and dedication to the people they help. Click the link below to check out the submission for Dr. Catlett and vote for him as one of WELCOA's Top 100 Health Promotion Professionals. 

Weekly Challenge: 6 Or Less

By | October 21st, 2014|Nutrition, Weekly Challenges|

A common rule of thumb for "clean eating" is avoiding eating foods with more than 6 ingredients. This week, check the ingredients lists and choose foods with fewer ingredients. Those items are generally less processed. Ingredients are listed in the order from greatest amount to the least on the nutrition label. When browsing nutrition labels, be aware of added sugars, trans fat, and hidden salt.

Weekly Challenge: Get the Most Nutrition From Your Calories

By | October 14th, 2014|Weekly Challenges|

Weekly Challenge: Get the most nutrition from your calories. Not all food is created equally so it is important to review labels. This week, to make healthier food choices, compare the calories to the nutrients you would be getting. Look at 3 brands of the same food and compare: Serving size and calories per serving. % Daily Value recommendation: Limit: fats, sugar, and sodium. Get more: fiber, vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron.  

6 Simple Steps to Learning or “Re-Learning” MI

By | October 8th, 2014|Motivational Interviewing|

The language voiced from a client/participant greatly predicts the chances of that person changing a behavior.  The stronger a participant voices commitment to change, the greater likelihood of that change happening. A similar correlation holds true for participants "not changing" or sustaining behaviors. The more a participant argues for the status quo, the greater likelihood of him or her not changing. Having clients voice their own motivations and reasons for change is one of the [...]

Weekly Challenge: Be Aware of “Health” Claims On Labels

By | October 7th, 2014|Weekly Challenges|

This week, ignore the claims on the front of the package.  These don’t always mean they are a healthier food choice. Read the nutrition facts and ingredients list instead. Don’t be misled by claims such as: “Fat Free” or “Sugar Free” “Natural” or “Organic” “No Trans Fat” or “No Cholesterol” “Sugar Free” and “Fat Free” do not necessarily mean fewer calories. These foods often have unhealthy ingredients added to compensate for less sugar or fat. [...]

Wellness Tip Wednesday: When Should I Get a Mammogram?

By | October 1st, 2014|Wellness Tips|

October is national breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is the second most common kind of cancer among American women. About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point. The good news is that many women can survive breast cancer if it is detected and treated early. A mammogram can help find breast cancer early when it’s easier to treat. Woman between the ages of 40-49 [...]